Our Equipment

This DJ settles for nothing but the best when it comes to audio and lighting for your event! Below is a overview of the actual equipment we use, and what you would expect to hear and see at your event.



Our Audio: We use the JBL MRX Series speakers. For most events you would expect to see a pair of MRX518S subwoofers and a pair of MRX515 full range speakers over the sub-woofers connected via poles. The speakers connect to the amplifier via full balanced XLR 12 gauge cables to eliminate interference and maintain a high quality signal to the dance floor. The speakers are placed at the edge of the dance floor as far apart as possible for your venue.

Our Amplifiers: A high quality amplifier is key to driving professional speakers. Generally, the better sounding  speakers take more power from an amplifier then lower class speakers. Additionally, to get accurate low frequencies and to actually feel the music it take enormous amounts of power to supply our 18″ sub-woofers. We choose Peavey amplifiers for this task. Peavey is a long time well-recognized name in the amplifier industry. We are excited to use their next generated amplifiers, the “IPR series”.

Our Signal Processors: When pounding out volume at concert levels (around 100 dB SPL) it is extremely important to process the signal to ensure the audio is as clear and crisp as possible. We process the signal through a Driverack PA loudspeaker management system. It features a compressor and limiter to make sure the signal never gets too loud or too low as music changes from one genre to the next. The compressor and limiter also protect our equipment and your ears from sudden loud noises like some dropping a microphone or screaming into it. We also process the signal for active feedback. This amazing feature constantly listens to the signal when a microphone is active. If a presenter gets too close to a speaker and feedback starts to occur, the filter actually “notches’ out the frequency the feedback is forming on transparently. This drastically cuts down on the annoying feedback you commonly hear from other professionals who don’t have this technology.Last, at each and every performance you will see us performing what seems to be a bizarre sound check. After our equipment is setup, but before your guests arrive, you will hear us play what is called “pink noise” after a special diagnostic microphone is placed on the dance floor. This microphone is connected to computer software that is analyzing how the room is responding to the “pink noise’ playing. We then adjust our 18-band parametric equalizer to correct for the venues unique room tonal characteristics. While this may seem like crazy steps to take, these extra steps is what makes our DJ service stand apart from the competition. We care so much about our audio output we go through extended lengths to make it right!

Our Microphones: In order to stay in check with the rest of our audio equipment it is important to use premium public address / microphone equipment. We have use microphone equipment shipped all the way in from Canada due to how well it performed in our testing. We feature two wireless microphones, each with independent audio and diversity antenna as as well as one Behringer wired microphone for the DJ or additional Emcee. All of the microphones pass through a Behringer microphone pre-amp, to process the live signal. We have the ability to further equalize the mic inputs to tailor to the speakers or singers need during our sound-check

Our Digital World: Nearly all of our music, video DJing and Karaoke comes from a computer with a specialized Behringer professional sound card. Our music comes directly from the record labels for promo use, or we purchase various mixes from legal mixing companies. All of our music is comprehensively organized and pre-processed in a proprietary format that allows us to mix on-the-fly for your event. Because of our digital footprint we can make programming changes or add requests near instantly. We even have the ability to take requests via Twitter or text messaging (** Most locations)! Additionally, we can seamlessly mix music, videos and karaoke back-and-forth as the need arises.

Professional equipment + Professional DJs = One awesome party!


Our Karaoke:  We use a 23″ LCD screen mounted on a rolling stand. The screen outputs at a high-definition rate of 1080p from our computer system. Because of the large size and crisp screen resolution, the viewing angle is wide for multiple singers. Our KJ will continually adjust our microphone EQ’s to ensure he/she singing sounds as good as possible during their performance. We even have a specially trained KJ on staff for Karaoke only events!


Our Video DJing System: We use a specialzied “short-throw” rear projection system which allows us to get a big picture in a small area. Our screen is 10 feet wide, mounted on the same lighting truss used in our intelligent lighting package. If the lighting package is purchased, the lights are spaced above the screen over a 10FT section. The projection is broadcasted at a full high-definition resolution of 1080p. We can project actual music video’s as your guests dance to the songs, karaoke as your guests sing or any special message, photos or personal videos for special events. This is especially popular at weddings, where we place special photos of the bride and groom on the screen during entrance and dinner.


Our Truss: We use a 10 foot truss system allowing us to span the entire length of most dance floors. We also have the ability to break the truss down into a 5 foot span for smaller venues or special situations. We can also optionally use two “T-bars” without the truss for special situations or special lighting needs. In total we mount an impressive 10 fixture, computer controlled, synchronized, light show! The setup time for this option takes around 2 hours. Please keep this in mind depending on your venue restrictions.



Our lights: In all the years of seeing other mobile DJs perform, I have never seen a show as large as what we provide in a mobile environment. We use (4) Chauvet Intimidator 200 LED scanners, (2) Chauvet Scorpion RVM Lasers, (2) Chauvet Orb’s, a Chauvet Rotosphere centerpiece and an American DJ strobe light. All of this is controlled via a Chauvet Obey 40 lighting controller  to keep each item synchronized with the next. Our control system from the DJ booth/area to the lighting is wireless, which means we can place the lights away from the DJ to maximize the lighting effects in any given venue.










Our Fog: We use only the best fog fluid available, which is “Foggy’s Swamp Juice’. It has zero odor, zero irritants and is the most widely accepted and used fog fluid in any commercial show.