MeetUp Party for St. Patrick’s Day!

Venue: VCCI Clubhouse

Time: 7PM, Mar 10, 2012

Address: Woodstock, GA, USA

We all had such a blast at our big holiday party, we just can’t wait till next Christmas to do it again.  So, we’re having a St. Patrick’s Day/Week Celebration Party and you’re invited!

Saturday evening, March 10, from 7:00 to 11:00 at the VCCI Clubhouse in Woodstock. It’s not really on St. Patricks Day as we couldn’t get that arranged, but it is St. Patrick’s Week.

Singles, couples, older teens, newcomers –everyone come join the fun!  Most of your Organizers will be there….  Celeste, Vicki, Wayne, Debby, Melanie, and Sherry.  There are some incredible cooks and bakers in this group —wooohoooo!

 We will be providing some light to medium hors d’oeuvres, sodas, coffee & hot cocoa (and Bailey’s or Amaretto), plates/cups/tableware/napkins/decorations, etc.

Will you, our guests, bring these two items with you?

1.) Your wine/beer/champagne/sangria or any special beverage you like in your small cooler.

2.)  If you want to, bring a party appetizer or dessert.  Not required, but desired. Cool or room temperature items like potato salad, pasta salad, Asian cole slaw, any type salad, fruit trays, salsa-peas-avocado dip, cheese straws, cheese/sausage balls, mini-sandwiches –these are just some ideas.  Bring it in a serving dish with a spoon, please.  Plastic  is fine.


It’s going to be a wonderful, unforgettable evening filled with dancing, music, camaraderie, general silliness, lots of picture-taking, and good times.

We are so fortunate — we have two sets of special guests coming to make our party unforgettable:

1)  India and John Vasicak, the owners of Cherokee Rhythm & Smooth Dance Studio, are coming to give us free dance lessons again –mainly, they’ll teach us the “Virginia Reel” (a super-fun square dance) and some easy line dances, too.  We had SUCH a great time at the Holiday Party dancing with India and John.  The Virginia Reel was a huge hit. Thank you so much India and John!  (Guests, dancing is not required, of course, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t.)

2)  Phil C. is coming to bring some great dance and party tunes and to be our professional DeeJay!  He’ll be spinning dance tunes from today and yester-year, too.  Please post here any songs/tunes you want Phil to bring, okay?  I’m sure he’ll be happy to find and play them for us. Thanks Phil!

Guests, you can dress in your St. Patrick’s day green, your dressy best, or come in your jeans.  We are cool with any attire.

No pets.  Outside smoking only.  Parking is plentiful and free in a gravel parking lot.

At the VCCI Clubhouse,we do have a separate room for playing games if you wants to bring your “Catch Phrase”, “Monopoly”, “Sorry”, cards, or dominoes. 

The pictures you see here are from our most recent big parties at the VCCI Clubhouse

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